Water Heaters

Under the storage water heater program, the water is heated at night when electricity costs less and stored for use during the day. Control times are currently 10 AM to 10 PM. In most cases a family of four or less will not run out of hot water under the storage program. If running out of hot water becomes a problem, the member can be put on the off-peak program. There, members' water heaters are controlled as needed during times of peak demand.


Cycled Air

Cycled Air will keep you cool and comfortable whether you have central air or a heat pump. Sign up your existing central air conditioner or heat pump and receive $6 cooling credits on your June, July and August bills, along with a $100 enrollment incentive. Federated cycles the unit's compressor on for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes during the hottest summer days.


Dual Fuel Program

If you currently heat your home with gas or fuel oil, Federated's Dual Fuel program helps you control your heating bill. Add electric heat or an air source heat pump to your existing system. Receive a 2.2 cent discounted electric rate that will keep your heating bills low. Call or stop by Federated's office to learn how your home can take advantage of Dual Heat savings. See how different types of heating systems (LP, natural gas and fuel oil) compare to Federated's discounted heating rates by opening the file below:

Heat Cost Comparison


Genset Program

If you have or are looking at buying a standby generator for your home or business, call Federated. Besides gaining this extra reliability, you can also benefit from the discounted electric rate if you are part of this program.