Gopher State One Call

Gopher State One-Call (GSOC) is a nonprofit, state-wide utility notification center for excavation projects in Minnesota. GSOC gathers information from callers who plan to dig. GSOC contacts all utilities who have buried lines in that area. Each utility company then sends personnel to the site to locate their utility lines.

Not only is it important to notify GSOC to prevent personal injury, it is also required by state law. GSOC must "be contacted if digging will be 24 inches or deeper. If the party does not properly contact the agency before they dig, they risk the possibility of electrocution and are also responsible for any damage to the underground power lines as well."

Once GSOC notifies the utility companies about a project, the lines are located and marked with colored flags or spray paint. Each utility company is responsible for only their lines. Any lines privately installed must be located by a contractor at the landowner's expense. Any lines on your side of the meter must be located by an electrician that you must contact.

Make sure you call GSOC 48 hours before doing any digging (1-800-252-1156), download the app from Gopher State or use their website ( It's the law!