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Since 1992 CTV has brought basic television service to the area - NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and more. Over the past 20-plus years CTV has continued to grow and offer more digital options to its subscribers.

Today around 40 channels are available at each tower location in Godahl, Frost and Jackson. Now most of these channels are broadcast in high-definition digital. These changes did not come without cost. For this reason CTV charges $8 a month. Even with this change, CTV is still the best and most economical option for local TV channels.

Going through a satellite provider costs more than $30 a month, plus an extra $6 for local channels. In addition, over-the-air is the best way to receive digital signals when it comes to clarity.

    Do your part today!

    Paying subscribers make CTV possible. If you are not a subscriber, help make sure CTV continues to grow and provide low-cost, high-definition, basic TV service to the area. Call your local electric co-op today, request an updated channel listing and let them know you want to pay your share. They will add $8 a month to your electric bill for convenient payment. Nonmembers can pay annually ($96/year) or seasonally ($48/year).

    To receive CTV, a UHF antenna is required.

    For more information on CTV click here.

    CTV Channels

    2.1 TPT - Twin Cities PBS affiliate
    2.2 TPT MN (only on Godahl and Frost Towers)
    2.3 TPT Life (only on Godahl and Frost Towers)
    2.4 TPT Kids
    2.5 TPT NOW 
    2.6 TPT MN
    4.1 WCCO 4 - Minneapolis CBS affiliate (only on Jackson and Frost Towers)
    4.2 Start TV (only on Godahl Tower)
    5.1 KSTP - Minneapolis ABC affiliate
    5.2 Channel 45
    5.3 MeTV - Television Classics
    5.4 GetTV - Television Classics
    5.5 Defy TV
    5.6 ThisTV - MGM Movies
    5.7 H&I
    9.1 FOX 9 - Minneapolis FOX affiliate
    9.2 FOX+ - Minneapolis
    9.3 Movies TV - Classic movies
    9.4 Buzzer - Old game shows
    9.5 The Grio (Godahl Tower Only)
    9.6 Catchy Comedy
    9.9 Fox 9
    11.1 KARE - Twin Cities NBC
    11.2 Court TV
    11.3 True Crime Network
    11.4 Quest
    11.5 Circle
    11.7 Twist
    11.8 Home Shopping Network
    16.1 CTV local access channel
    16.2 Spanish News
    16.3 NASA
    16.4 AVN
    16.5 Laff

      19.1 Laff
      23.1 WUCW 23 - The CW Twin Cities
      23.2 Comet
      23.3 Charge Network - Movies
      23.4 TBD Network
      23.5 GRIT TV
      23.6 Outside TV (Godahl Tower only)
      24.1 (Not finalized)
      25.1 Telemundo - (Spanish Language Channel)
      25.2 SonLife Christian TV Channel
      25.3 COZI TV
      25.4 LX Lifestyle & Entertainment
      25.5 Bein Sports
      25.6 GetTV Classic Movies and TV
      41.1 ION TV - TV shows and movies
      41.2 BOUNCE
      41.3 GRIT
      41.4 Mystery
      41.5 Laff
      41.6 Scripps
      41.7 Jewelry
      45.1 Trinity Broadcasting - religious (Godahl Tower only)
      45.2 TBN Inspire (Godahl Tower only)
      45.3 Smile (Godahl Tower only)
      45.4 Positv (Godahl Tower only)
      45.5 Enlace TV - Spanish channel (Godahl Tower only)


      For more information or to subscribe, contact call Federated or contact any of the co-ops listed below:

      • Brown County Rural Electrical Association, Sleepy Eye: 507-794-3331 
      • Federated Rural Electric, Jackson: 847-3520 or 1-800-321-3520 
      • BENCO Electric Cooperative, Mankato: 507-387-7963 
      • South Central Electric Association, St. James: 507-375-3164