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Alliant Load Management

Former Alliant members are eligible for the following load management programs:


Water Heating

Water heaterFederated Rural Electric provides high quality, energy-efficient water heaters and installation for a reasonable price to its members. Federated sells top of the line, energy-efficient water heaters — the best on the market. Replace an electric or gas water heater for $539 — that includes the price of the water heater AND installation by Federated's electrician (valued over $1,000). If you're interested in picking up the water heater and installing the water heater yourself, it costs $539, but you can receive $100 credit back after the radio control is installed; Federated installs the radio receiver at no charge. If you want Federated to take the old water heater away, that's an extra $50 charge. Note: an additional fee may apply for wiring the gas water heater replacement.

Former Alliant members must then be put on one of the following control programs: 4, 8 or 16 hour control, depending on their rate class.


Cycled Air

Cycled Air will keep you cool and comfortable whether you have central air or a heat pump. Sign up your existing central air conditioner or heat pump and receive $6 cooling credits on your June, July and August bills. Federated cycles the unit's compressor on for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes during energy alerts. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Federated offers Quality Installation rebates based on the central air or air source heat pumps's SEER rating and using a Quality Installer Contractor. Rebates apply for ground source heat pumps at $300/ton. Low-interest financing is available for the cost of a heat pump. 


At this time, former Alliant members are not eligible for the Dual Heat or Genset Programs.


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